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    What is Schoology?

    This 2019-2020 school year, secondary learners and some elementary learners will be utilizing a new learning management system, Schoology (pronounced: Skool’uh-jee).

    Schoology offers a platform for collaboration, communication, organization, discussion boards and a place to submit assignments. Teachers can review student work and provide feedback through the system. Schoology has a simplified navigation and a similar layout to Facebook. It is Apple & Android compatible and fully integrates with Google Apps for Education. Parents now have their own user accounts to view all their children’s work in one login.

    With your parent account you can view your child’s:

    • Activities
    • Courses
    • Calendars
    • Updates
    • Groups

    We look forward to using Schoology in our classrooms to enhance connectivity and communication across Anna ISD.

    While all educators in grades 6-12 will be using Schoology regularly this year, we are excited to also launch a staggered release for our elementary learners. At the elementary level, we are encouraging educators to begin exploring how this tool might be used within their classrooms this year. However, not all classrooms will be using Schoology right away. Elementary educators may begin using Schoology this year, but it may not be an integrated part of their classroom workflow. For this reason, you may see more Schoology classroom content for your Middle School, and High School learners.

    Download & print this guide to Setting Up Your Anna ISD Parent Account.

Setting Up Your Parent Account

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  • For specific questions regarding Schoology, your child's account or your parent account, you may email Mindi VandagriffCoordinator of Professional & Digital Learning, mindi.vandagriff@annaisd.org