Registration for Returning Students

  • If your child has been previously enrolled at an Anna ISD campus, or if you attended PK/Kindergarten Roundup in the Spring, you will be able to register online without going to your home campus. You will need your parent portal login information.

    Returning students must provide a current proof of residency prior to receiving their secondary-level schedule or being placed on an elementary class list. The online registration process must be completed, along with all applicable forms submitted and a current proof of residency to your child's campus. All forms and proof of residency can be scanned and emailed to your child's campus registrar.


    step one to parent portal


    The district tracks the required registration forms to ensure that they are submitted for all students. Icons are displayed next to the forms to indicate the status of each required form for your students:

    step 2

    The required forms are listed on the left of the image above.

    “(Pending)” is displayed if the form requires your attention.
    “(Completed)” is displayed once you have updated and/or confirmed data on the form.

    Click Start Registration.

    The first form in the list opens on the right side of the page.

    Continue reviewing forms and clicking Next until you have reviewed and updated all forms.

    Depending on the form type and district requirements, a form will require one of two actions: view only, or review and update.

    Clicking Next indicates that you have entered all required data and/or made all necessary changes to existing data. Your data will be validated, and you cannot continue until you have entered all required data in a valid format.

    Click Next. (It may be necessary to scroll down to see the button.)

    If you are not ready to complete one or more forms, click Save for later.

    If you leave parent portal before finishing registration updates, a Resume Registration button is displayed allowing you to continue where you left off.

    When you have viewed and entered all required data on all required forms, the Finish button is displayed.

    Click Finish. The final page opens allowing you to print a confirmation for your records.

Registering Additional Students

  • If you have more than one child attending an Anna ISD school, return to the Summary page and repeat the process.

Need Help?

  • If you need assistance with the online registration process, please contact your child's campus.