The Anna High School Test Center will be OPEN for the March 12, 2022 administration.

    from College Board:

    College Board has made updates to our covid-related policies to allow students to participate in the SAT in ways that best match their experience in school while continuing to prioritize health and safety. Effective with the March 2022 administration:

    Our requirement that staff and students wear masks remains in place for 2022; however, any centers where local policy or practice does not require masks during school may opt out of this requirement for future SAT administrations. 

    Because the Anna ISD local policy does NOT require students to wear a mask, our test center will OPT OUT of this policy for future administrations starting in March 2022. 

    Masks are NOT required at this test center. 



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    What is tested? The SAT is a 3 hour test, which consists of reading, writing, and two math sections. The writing test measures grammar usage, word choice, and an essay. We recommend you take the SAT plus writing in case you apply to a school that requires it.  The key difference is that the math goes through Algebra II, more reading passages, and formulas are provided for math.  

    How is it scored? All three tests are scored on 400-1600. You will receive a score range of 200-800 in reading and writing, and a score range of 200-400 for both math sections. There is no deduction for wrong answers (no penalty for guessing). 

    When should I take it? The January and May tests offer their “Question & Answer” services (an additional $18) which will send you the questions/answers for this test to help you study if you retake the test. If you need to take a subject area test for college admissions (small group of selective schools) the best time is June, right when you have completed the courses the tests will assess. 

    How do I register? Go to If you are on free or reduced lunch, you may take the SAT once for free. Your counselor can provide you with a fee waiver form.


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